High Desert Museum

by michaelpeople on March 19, 2012


Near the house that we just bought there is a museum called the High Desert Museum. We will be going there a lot because we bought a membership. It is in Bend, Oregon. It reminds me of a castle because the floors are very shiny and it has a big area to walk in. The museum was built to teach people about Oregon, the native people, wildlife, and plants. They have cool exhibits and old cars there. My favorite exhibit was the tipis that they have outside, because I was able to see what it would be like to live in one. They are much smaller than most houses today, about the size of my bedroom. Also, I like the little models of people walking on the Oregon trail. They showed me how hard life must have been for those people. Anyone who was able to walk couldn’t ride in the wagons because it would waste the energy of the oxen. They have live animals there. My favorite was the lynx, it is a big yellow furry cat as big as a dog. I would like to go back to the museum any day. This time we just walked around and learned about all the exhibits the museum has, but next time we will pick just one to learn about. I hope it will be more about the Oregon Trail.


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