Finn and Jake’s Sad Day

by michaelpeople on February 27, 2012


Once upon a time Finn and Jake were having an adventure. They were fighting the evil Doctor Cat and Shark Head Phill. They were the most evil villains in all of the Candy Kingdom. Even though Finn and Jake were the strongest heroes in the Candy Kingdom the two villains got away. Finn and Jake were sad that they didn’t get the bad guys, but when they are sad they play video games, so they decided to go inside and play Beamo, a walking and talking video game system. When they went inside Beamo was missing! There were only two people in the Candy Kingdom who wanted Beamo and that was Doctor Cat and Shark Head Phill. Finn and Jake had one advantage and that was that they knew where the bad guys lived. They decided to head out on a mission to save Beamo. They passed many nice people, but they were coming for two very bad people. Finn and Jake finally made it to the bad guys hide out and they climbed in a window. Jake was a magical dog so he could stretch in to any form. Finn climbed on his back and they jumped in. There was Beamo sitting there on the floor, but Finn and Jake knew it would be much harder than it looked to get it back. They started running toward Beamo and while they ran they had to hit and kick the ninjas that were falling from the roof. They grabbed Beamo and jumped out of the building, but for some reason the game exploded.


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