The Sea of Seeds

by michaelpeople on December 12, 2011


Once there was a gopher named Phil. He had big eyes, but looked like a guinea pig. One day Phil was walking through the city and as he walked over a hill he saw a giant sea of seeds. He likes eating seeds more than anything in the world, so he wanted to eat them all. He went down to shore and tried to eat the seeds, but couldn’t because they were moving to fast in and out with the tide. Phil saw a wizard in a purple robe and a red wizard hat, so he asked him if he could transport the seeds to his house. The wizard said no deal because he loved to eat fish and it was the only sea in the city. So Phil told the wizard that if he transports the seeds to his house in return he would give him all the fish in the world. The wizard told Phil that he would bring the seeds to his house, and in twenty years he would come to collect the fish. Twenty years later the wizard went to Phil’s house and asked him for the fish. Phil said “Well, I ate them because they were starting to rot.” The wizard got really red in the face and put a spell on the seeds that made them germinate so Phil couldn’t eat them.

The End


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