Mt. Rushmore

by michaelpeople on November 26, 2011


When my family went to South Dakota we went to Mount Rushmore. They carved the faces in the mountain using dynamite. I met a man that was one of the actual workers, he was old. It was the first time I ever rode an electric scooter, it went really fast. The mountain is smaller than it seems on tv. We went down this giant hill on bob sleds, it was so fun. While we were there I went to the store by myself, it was my first time shopping on my own. I met a friend there. He was about five years old, he still had his training wheels on his bike. At the camp ground there was this big pool I went to every day. In the late 1800s the gold rush in the Black Hills started. The first people to live there were the Sioux Indians. They were defeated in battle and kicked off the land. The mountain rises 3,000 feet above sea level. The state capital of South Dakota is Pierre.




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