A Happy Ending

by michaelpeople on November 17, 2011

On most school days Quinn writes in a journal for a half an hour. Sometimes I will give him a prompt to guide his writing, but most of the time he has complete control of the subject or lack there of. Occasionally the product of that half hour is nothing more than the written version of eight year old rambling, a half page of random, mostly unrelated sentences. However, often I am presented with clever, creative, and amusing stories that are a pleasure to read. This is one of the latter.


Once upon a time there was a dog named Jake who was a king. He was a very, very, nice king. One day there was a fight going on in the Candy Kingdom where he lived. The bad guys were there because they wanted to start a war. They were trying to start the war because the king of the kingdom next to their’s is the son of the Ice King, the one that Jake killed. The son of the Ice King is named Finn. Finn was 20 when Jake killed the Ice King, the same age as Jake. They had a giant battle, all of the knights were swinging with their swords. But, it wasn’t the kind of battle you would expect, the knights were made out of clay. Jake’s were red and had little dirt horses, and little twig swords. Finn’s were green knights, they had twig swords and diamond earring shields.
It was a very boring war and Jake and Finn finally became friends. They had so many adventures together. Soon, Finn became a Ferrari maker and Jake got a job as a monster truck maker. They both work together and they had a happy ending. Also, when they died they were buried together.


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