Juice Journal: Orange Crush

by michaelpeople on November 11, 2011


It is a lot of fun for me as a homeschool teacher to find ways to incorporate our lessons into activities from our everyday life. One of my favorites so far has been Quinn’s Juice Journal. Not only is our entire family getting to drink great tasting juice and get a full days supply of fruits and veggies, but Quinn is getting a ton practice in Math. Each day I cut the fruits and vegetables and put them in piles on the counter. I let Quinn know what portions each were cut into, (apples in fourths, carrots in half, pineapple in thirds…), then he adds them up and logs them in a notebook. After we make the juice he names it, describes it, simplifies the fractions, and enters all of the information into an electronic journal. He then serves the juice, collects a 1-5 rating from each person, and calculates an average rating. Fractions have never tasted so good.



1 cup————-Orange Juice
2 ——————Celery
1 ——————Tomato
1 1/4————-Apples
1——————-hand full of spinach

= 4 cups or 1 quart of juice

DESCRIPTION: This juice is very foamy and orange looking and has green at the bottom.

RATING: out of 5

Mommy— 5
Daddy—– 4

Average= 4.16


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Lara March 21, 2012 at 10:37 am

This is wonderful! The perfect example of homeschooling math. You’re doing a great job!

michaelpeople March 21, 2012 at 9:44 pm

Thank you Lara! Aunt Lara? I am doing my best, and every day I cross my fingers and hope that my effort will be enough. It has been such a challenge switching from 600 students to just one. The numbers make it seem like it should be so much easier, but honestly the pressure to perform and succeed as a teacher now seem much greater.

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