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by michaelpeople on March 12, 2012


As our family embarked on this grand journey, we were all aware that our adventure would be filled with change and unknowns. Taking care of all of my computing needs on a handheld device rather than a home computer was the biggest change for me. Email and web browsing were no big deal, but posting on the blog was near impossible, hence the great span of time without a new post. Quinn was working hard the whole time, but my Apple devices and WordPress just couldn’t seem to get along. Now that we have traversed the country one more time and are set up in a home base, I have posted all of Quinn’s work that we have been hanging onto. Because the posts were predated, WordPress didn’t send out notifications to our followers as I posted, so please scroll back to the end of Summer to catch up on all that has been going on.

Regardless of how ready we thought we were, nothing could have prepared us for the hills and turns that laid ahead of us on our trip. We soon realized we were just along for the ride. All was smooth as silk as we left the east coast, but as we travelled across the country our path began to bend and twist similar to the tracks of a roller coaster after you crest the peak of the first hill. By the time we reached the west coast, the best coast, Donna’s next job, our next location had changed at least five times. We left Oregon headed for New Orleans. We travelled south through California, across Arizona, and into New Mexico before our course was changed again. Oddly enough our next location became the city we started in. We spent three months in the warm California sun before Donna’s project ended and then once again our destination was unclear. Since we were already in L.A. we decided to pack up all of our belongings that had been sitting in storage since we sold our house last year and move it up to Oregon. For the same amount of money we were paying for storage fees in Los Angeles we were able to rent a nice house on a half acre of land, in the neighborhood that we knew someday we wanted to buy in. Once again we were headed north. Within two weeks of our arrival in Oregon the twists continued. Donna was given her next assignment in Atlanta, but before we even had a chance to depart, a great house only a block away from our rental was put on the market. The owners had to move to New Mexico in a hurry and accordingly had priced their house to sell quick. It is a 2,000 square foot, three bedroom and two bathroom house that sits on a wonderful half acre lot that is adjacent to a one acre “wild space” where herds of deer pass through daily. Had we not returned to Oregon we would have never had the opportunity to even see this house that we quickly fell in love with. Even though we had no intention of buying a house for at least a year, we soon found ourselves with an accepted offer and in escrow, and so our plans change again. Currently, Quinn and I are homeschooling in Oregon, preparing to move all of our belongings yet one more time, while Donna works hard in the South. We are using the money we would have used to rent a single family home in Atlanta to buy airfare for Donna to commute to Oregon, for Quinn and I to travel to Atlanta, and for all of us to meet up in cities around the country while we finish up this last leg of one wild ride. Sadly, I know that with these last changes our homeschool adventure will soon be at an end. At the end of April, after a two week trip to Atlanta, Quinn will finish off the last month of third grade at the local elementary school. He has already made several friends who go there and he is very excited. It will be a bittersweet day for me. After teaching five to six hundred students a year for so many years, it has been an honor, a joy, and the experience of a lifetime to teach just one. Regardless of where I work next, he will no doubt always be my favorite student ever.



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Kelley Kreidman March 13, 2012 at 2:14 am

WOW!!!! What an awesome story and a dream come true. Love love love that you had the opportunity to do something so wonderful. Congrats on the house as well. So happy for you and your family . Ahhhh to just pick up and go sounds sooo scary ,exciting , and most of all memorable. You are a great writer as well.Hmmmmm next project???

Cristen Strubbe March 13, 2012 at 8:35 pm

How brave and exciting! We just began homeschooling our daughter for 7th grade – can’t imagine trying to do this on the road. Hope I get the great opportunity to work with Donna again – she was my sanity for such a brief but cherished time!

michaelpeople March 21, 2012 at 9:28 pm

Thanks Kelley! Not sure of the next project yet, being a good dad and husband are high on the list. I hope to get a new teaching job soon after Quinn goes back to school, but Oregon, like California has taken some big hits in the education department. We’ll see.

michaelpeople March 21, 2012 at 9:38 pm

Thanks Cristen. Enjoy homeschool, 7th graders practically teach themselves. Download Common Core Standards for 7th, 8th, & 9th grade, they will keep you in touch with what she should be learning now and in the years to come. Homeschool kids progress very fast, don’t be afraid to work a step ahead. is GREAT for math.

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