Summer, Summer, Summer: 2011

by michaelpeople on September 8, 2011

Skippin' Stones

Thank you to everyone who posted comments for us over the Summer. It was so nice for Quinn and I to finally get back online and read through them all. We had an action packed vacation and are both very excited to get going again on our homeschool adventure. Quinn tells all about our break in his first post as a third grader, enjoy!

The North End

Touring Boston Harbor

J.F.K. Presidential Library

The U.S.S. Constitution

I had a very good Summer. It made me very happy that my Brother and Sister came to visit me. While we were in Boston we all visited Paul Revere’s house again, we also went river rafting and they gave us squirt guns to use.

Pilgrim Impersonators

The Mayflower

Plymouth Rock

Surfing the Atlantic

Pawtucket Paw Sox

Later we went to see the Mayflower and Plymouth Rock, they were much smaller than we thought they would be. In Rhode Island we went surfing and also saw a Pawtucket Paw Sox Game, they won!

The Washington Monument

The Lincoln Memorial

The Natural History Museum

The Capitol Building

The Aerospace Museum

Next we went to Washington D.C., we visited the White House and there were guards on the roof. We also took a tour of the Capitol Building, thanks to our Congressman Brad Sherman, there were lots of cool statues there. We spent some time at the Smithsonian Natural History and Aerospace Museums, we saw lots of old things there, like the first rocket with a chimp in it and dinosaur bones. We also went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, It was very sad to learn about what happened.

Hershey's Factory

Mt. Rushmore

Buffalo Up Close and Personal

Old Faithful

Blast Off

Thermal Pools

Yellowstone Lake

The Continental Divide

After my Brother and Sister left we travelled across the country. We made chocolate at the factory in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and we stopped and saw Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Next we went to Yellowstone, Wyoming, we saw lots of buffalo, moose, and deer there, I even studied and took a test to become a Junior Park Ranger. Now we are continuing our adventure in Oregon.


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